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    Email Submission: I’m 28, have had 1 baby who is now 26 months, and am 6 months pregnant with the next.

    During early puberty, my mom took me to her gynecologist to get my labia checked. She was afraid I had hurt myself and that’s why they looked they way they do. Before that I hadn’t thought anything about it.

    He offered to “fix” them whenever I had a baby.

    When I delivered my daughter, a doctor I had never met before was on call. I ended up with a lot of stitches, but I was terrified that he had somehow thought they had torn more and stitched them where it didn’t belong!

    Since I am pregnant again, they have gotten larger and I have to wear panties to keep them from getting pinched in my pants when I walk. 

    Like ears, nose etc. they are mine alone, and I accept them. I do think they’re ugly, but my husband loves them, so it’s ok. Accept yourselves, ladies, God made us exactly how we are with a purpose!

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    Martin Bauendahl

    both are beautiful

    this is importantttttt 

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